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Easy all, RPM here, the latest addition to the G.D.O.D. team, hope you find the stuff I write from now on interesting...or something along those lines.

Once again I’ve ‘invested’ in the latest Ministry of Sound CD, The Mash-Up Mix 2008.
I'm telling you…its pretty bitchin'! First of all, they've used some tunes that you don’t always remember but when you've just gotta FUCKING MOVE! Secondly, Cut Up boys by name Cut Up Boys by nature, they've done a pretty sick job on mixing'n'matching these tracks, and the thing is…its so damn simple, if I'd thought of it first, I'd be rolling in the dough by now.

It consists of some funky stuff,
CD1 starts with some old-skool hip-hop which is always good, (House of Pain to be precise) they’ve got vocals and riffs coming in from left right and centre!
It then gets into the house, a little bit of electro every now and then but not too much. Mostly funky shizzle.

Now CD2 mixes it up a little bit, it starts with some deep trance, glides into some electro and eventually gets a bit more upbeat with some trance thats almost verging on hard dance…but not quite.

Overall, it's a pretty badass album and I'ts been blasting out of my Macbook since the purchase.

I've included 2 tracks (1 from each CD) for you to sample, each track is actually more than one song so I'm not being stingey.

Free Mp3's (All are hosted on Mediafire)

Shakedown - At Night/Dave Armstrong & Redroche Feat. H-Boogie - Love Has Gone/Chicane - Salt Water (CD1)

Tomcraft - Loneliness/Soulsearcher - Can’t Get Enough (Acappella) (CD2)

Ministry of Sound can be found at their Official Site.

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