R-A-D-I-OOOOOO L-A-D-I-OOOOOO! Most of you who're into the dance scene should know that chorus from a well known Metronomy song. If not, SHAME ON YOU. Metronomy have been around for a while now and they're doing pretty good if you ask me. Their mix of danceable 'ping pong beep beep' pop music is so so strange yet so so catchy.

The boys have remixed tracks for Dead Disco, Gorillaz and as I mentioned in my last post, Roots Manuva. They've released a flurry of singles and EP's which did quite well on the download front but now they've FINALLY finished their debut album and what an album it is. Not due out till September 8th (i got it ahead of schedule thanks to a LOT of late night browsing), this album will get your legs, hips and arms moving whether you like it or not.

Tracks to listen out for are 'A Thing for Me' and 'On The Motorway', both of which come on strong with the wailing syths and rapid drum beats.

Just for you, I've put up the ENTIRE album for free download, it is however in a zip folder so for those who dont understand Zipping and Rarring, what you do is once its downloaded, right click the zip folder and go down to 'Extract All...' and then follow the steps to finish extracting the files (it should only take about a minute) then just import the folder inside into itunes and you're good to go.

Metronomy can befound at their Official Site or at their Myspace.

Free Mp3's (All filed hosted on Mediafire)

Nights Out (Album) - Metronomy (Zip file)

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