Some of you might remember a track i put up for download not too long ago entitled 'Fuck the Police' by !Trash Yourself. That track...what can i say, it's rude, it's loud, it gives my parents a headache...I FUCKING LOVE IT!

!Trash Yourself consists of Heidi Cannon & John Bourke. They hail from Oklahoma City, which funnily enough IS IN Oklahoma. I'm not entirely sure what Heidi does outside of the band but from what I've seen around the web...I'm thinking she may be a model? I've seen articles about her in snippets from Nylon Magazine and she apparently has some photos of her and John coming out in Oak Magazine.

I DO however know a bit about what John does when hes not with Heidi. He is part of a DJ collective known as 'Dance Robots, Dance!' who from what I've heard...are pretty damn good. Other DJ's on the list are B. and Heidi Cannon (OK so i JUST found that so she obviously DOES do other stuff).

!Trash Yourself are not currently on tour as far as I know but hopefully, one day, they might just come to the UK and grace us with their electro destructive deflowering presence.

John sent me some links to a few new mixes of their tracks a while ago, just for you guys to download and listen to ABSOLUTELY FREE, isn't that nice, don't you feel touched by the generosity? I sure as hell do. So thank the lord for what you are about to receive and rejoice in the glory of Heidi and Johns overpoweringly sexy tracks. Bloody hell, i talk way too much...

Free Mp3's (All hosted on Zshare)

Trash Yourself - Touch (AC Slater Remix)

Trash Yourself - Touch (Kids at the Bar Remix)

Trash Yourself - Touch (Sick Boy Remix)

Trash Yourself and The Toxic Avenger - Song 2

Trash Yourself - Touch

Harry Belafonte - Jump in the Line (John Bourke's Bmore Remix)

You can find !Trash Yourself over at their Myspace page. Heidi has a Myspace too. WOW, would you look at that, Johns got A Myspace ASWELL.

You can find Dance Robots, Dance! at their Myspace or at their own personal site Robot Dance Music.

And for now I'll leave you with a video of John in action. I searched all the video sites I know and not one had a video of the actual dynamic duo, sorry.

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