I can't seem to remember a time that I didn't like this band due to the fact that I've followed them from their early days playing slap dash gigs at the New Cross Inn to their Post Coachella Hangover Tour with the likes of Blake Miller (Moving Units, Lies In Disguise) and Eli Smith (Japanese Division of So Sweet Records).

Partyshank use a variety of 'Instruments' and Machines when on stage, mainly a few PC's, a synth or two and a few kids toys that they've fucked about with in order to turn them into peace destroying instruments of death.

Every gig of theirs that I've been to has been wild as fuck. Picture this: A room of sweaty scantily clad scene kids and indie brats jumping, moshing, spinning, falling and might sound like one big dirty mess but when you're there and experiencing it for's incredible. No gig that I've been to (bar The Arctic Monkeys and Justice) has been as mad as a Partyshank show.

However they don't always work together. Christian Shank has two other aliases (I Will Shank You For A Penny, A-1 Bassline) which are currently doing quite well globally, hes done some work with Shinichi Osawa and the boys from Lies in Disguise (Blake Miller, Le Castle Vania). Howard P Sausage aka. Party Sausage hasn't done as much as Shank but hes still got some sick mixes up on his Myspace for you to check out.

Partyshank can be found at their Myspace page. I Will Shank You For A Penny can be found on Myspace aswell as A-1 Bassline. Party Sausage can ALSO be found there, what a SHOCKER.

This is Partyshanks new video for their single 'Virgin'...I love Virgins I do...

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