Evening campers. Got a few things today. First off, I've got some new shoes I want you all to see, then theres the website that you can BUY the shoes from and THEN theres two free tracks that are about and have something to do with shoes...Yes...I DO love shoes...they make me HORNY.

OK so today my buddy Ryan (RPM DJ) showed me this site called, its basically Karmaloop but INCREDIBLY SEXY, with tons more shoes available and for extra cheap (mainly because its run from SWEDEN). I was browsing through the selection and came across a shitstorm of shoes that made me want to lick every single little piece of leather on them. I wont go on about them anymore, why don't you just look for yourselves.

Caliroots ALSO host parties like THIS.

Free Mp3's (Hosted On Mediafire)

My Dunks - The Clik Clik

Stuck on Repeat - Little Boots

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