This is fresh in today, I have to say that I hadn't heard much of this guys stuff till I was contacted earlier today about the album....And what an album! Grip Plyaz is a musical genius. His mixture of club beats and dark hip-hop seems to work perfectly. Take his track 'Shake Her Rear' for instance, the vocals are obviously something straight from the Atlanta hood but the BEAT, it sounds to me like Grip might have listened to some Simian Mobile Disco in his time (When I say time, I mean ten years or so in the music industry).

Another track to try is 'Spaceships'. I don't know what to say about this track apart from....GAWDAYUMMM! 114 plays and counting. Its got a sort of piercing beat that gets right into your head ALL DAY LONG.

I was given the link to Grips album by the guys over at 'Lavish Life Social Club', Guys, I SALUTE You and send much love for the link. Check their blog out, its got some sick videos of other artists that are similar to Grip, other free downloads aswell as plenty of pics from gigs and parties they've been to.

Heres Grips album in all its free downloadable glory, download, listen, enjoy and then go out and tell your friends, this guys going to be HUUUGE.

Free Mp3's (Hosted On zShare)

Grip Hop - Grip Plyaz

Grip Plyaz can be found over at his Myspace Page.

Shake Her Rear (Live) Video

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