Well, it looks like Kitsuné have done it AGAIN. If you're into any form of decent music then you'll have heard of the Kitsuné Maison series of compilations. The compilations have featured well known and not so well known artists like, Hadouken!, Bloc Party, Architecture In Helsinki and Feist to name a few.

I'm not going into any great detail on this one but I WILL say one thing...check the final track on the compilation, Let's Go by The Shoes. They're the one band I missed at Reading and I'm sick to my stomach that I did, this is a band to put on your watch list.

Well here it is, all zipped up in its own little Zip folder, as I've mentioned before, right click, extract all, yada yada yada, ENJOY!

Free Mp3's (Hosted On Mediafire)

Kitsuné: Maison Compilation 6

Kitsuné can be found at their Myspace or over at their Official Site.

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