Morning boys and girls. Got another quick one for you today. I've mentioned Jokers of the Scene before but today I bring you a track from their new EP 'Acid Bagg'. 'Baggy Bottom Boys' has been around for a while now, I've heard it in some clubs and on some mixes but now it's finally got a proper release. It's going to be a classic, trust me. Why trust me when you can listen to it for yourselves. I'm also throwing in their own remix of the track so its two for the price of one (not that you thieving internet whores pay me anything). ENJOY & HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Free Mp3's (Hosted On Mediafire)

Baggy Bottom Boys - Jokers of the Scene

Baggy Bottom Boys (Jokers of the Scene Remix) - Jokers of the Scene

Check J.O.T.S. out at their Myspace page.

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