OK OK, so I lied about not posting till after Christmas but I just love you guys too much.

Today I'm bringing you some REALLY FRESH new music. From Australia comes THIS/Is, an electro/dance duo hailing from Sydney.

Alan Bogdanovski and Nick Etcheverry have been making music together for just under a year but up until recently, have had nothing that they felt was worthy for release. Their recent remix of Just a Band's track 'Burn It Out!' (Soon to be getting an official digital release) has had some nice blog coverage as of late. Not to mention the fact that they've been getting plays from the likes of The Bloody Beetroots, Grum and Teenage Badgirl.

Their own original track 'W.H.S.L. (What Happiness Sounds Like)' brings Miami Horror to mind but with their own twist on the electro sound. There are some nice quirky vocals in there too so its not just straight up synth-madness.

They pretty much listen to the music of kings, DJEDJOTRONIC, Three 6 Mafia and Shadow Dancer anyone? I'm not trying to come across as 'can't be arsed' but I don't want to write anymore about these guys, I want YOU to go listen to them and discover how great their sound really is. As I seriously believe these guys could be as big as The Presets or even (dare I say It?) the Daft Punks themselves. That however, is a long way off, for now, lets just listen and wait.

The guys gave me some links to two of their tracks and a pretty swish mini-mix. I'll keep you posted with news on their up and coming releases and any free downloads that come my way. So for now, bask in the glorious almost 'orgasmic' sound that is...THIS/Is.

Free Mp3's (Hosted On zShare)

W.H.S.L. (What Happiness Sounds Like) - THIS/Is

Burn It Out! (THIS/Is Remix) - Just A Band

THIS/Is Presents: Mini-mix 101 - THIS/Is

The guys can be found at their Official Myspace Page.

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