OK, I know that I advertise me and my friends music on here quite a lot but it is IS my blog after all. This time though, I'm bringing you something truly brilliant.

LIBERTE aka. Lewis Goswell, has only been making electro for a week or two but hes already at the same level as the Valerie Crew or Danger. I've been given some of his tracks for you to check out before his EP is released. Download them all NOW, I command you. Not only that but the talent runs in the family, his brother Aaron, also known as NIGHTHAWK, makes music that definitely deserves a listen or ten.

Grab the tracks, check their Myspaces and become a loyal fan...or ELSE. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted On Mediafire)

Origami - LIBERTE

Cosmic Rider - LIBERTE

Panavia Tornado - LIBERTE


Check LIBERTE out at his Official Myspace Page. NIGHTHAWK also has a Page.

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