HELLO folks. So last night I went to The Arches in London. I danced myself into a disco frenzy. Anyway, I got in at about six this morning, had a sleep and woke up to two brilliant new tracks from my pal ACTION MOVIE HERO BOY. He's really taking big strides musically. His stuff just gets better and better.

Originally from Moldova, he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, when he was nine. Not having a great deal of music to listen to when he was younger, he took a while to find something he liked the sound of. When a friend introduced him to Daft Punk, something clicked. He thought 'Cool. I want to do that'.

Have a listen to his new EP and see what you think. It has a sort of 80's teen movie feel to it. Personally, I think this boy could be snapped up by Valerie sometime soon. I'm giving you two tracks today. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Mediafire)

Aftertouch EP - Action Movie Hero Boy (Zipfolder)

Check out some of AMHB's tracks HERE.

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