SORRY I haven't posted in a while guys. I've been busy sorting some shit out.

Today I'm bringing you two tracks from Chromeo. I've been waiting for some new Chromeo material for a while now...and its finally here. 'Night By Night' is one of the single most perfect disco tunes I've heard in a long LONG time. A perfect blend of synth and guitar. The lyrics are brilliant, the beat is brilliant. This song is just 100% incredible.

That leads me onto the other track I'm giving you. It's a bit old I know but I hadn't heard it until last night. Treasure Fingers has worked his disco magic once again with the bands track '100%'. I'm so in love with this remix right now. Without anymore of my babbling, here are the aforementioned tracks. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Mediafire)

Night By Night - Chromeo

100% (Treasure Fingers; B-Live Pemberton Mix) - Chromeo

Check out the disco duos other tracks and tour dates HERE.

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