OH HI. I was just thinking this morning that I haven't made a post on Don Rimini yet. it is. I've been following the Don for a while now and in my opinion, he's one of the best things to come out of France since Ed Banger.

The 'Return of the Don' Mix was what really turned me into an out and out fan. It holds pride of place at number one in my top ten mixes of all time (I know it's sad but everyone needs a top ten). The mix consists of pure dance floor bangers and is a nonstop bassline party. I won't be including the mix for download today, instead it's just up for listening.

I'm including two original tracks, a remix by Mashed Paper Klub, the Dons remix of 'Hardcore G'irls by the Count & Sinden and the Dons remix of the classic Ghostbusters theme (a rare find). ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Mediafire)

Karaté - Don Rimini

Rave On (Original Mix) - Don Rimini

Hools (feat. Floating) (Mashed Paper Klub Remix) - Don Rimini

Hardcore Girls (Don Rimini Nasty Boy Remix) - The Count & Sinden

Ghostbusters Theme (Don Rimini Edit) - Ray Parker Jr.

Check out the Dons other tracks by clicking HERE.

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