Cast your mind back a few posts and try to remember a track I brought you called 'Crooked'. It was by a duo known as FRANCE. Today I bring you more from the boys. The first is definitely going to become a club banger. It is entitled 'Druids' and is as mystical as the name suggests. The high pitched church organ seamlessly filters in behind the bassline. Speaking of the bass line, its more of that wobble bass that we all love right now. Have a listen below and experience it for yourselves.

The second is a bit more laid back. 'Say Summin' is the kind of atmospheric wooziness that you expect to hear on a sleazy late night sex channel. Yet it's still danceable. The bass line is still audible through the almost dreamlike structure of sound. Have a listen (I recommend not taking any illegal substances when listening to this one...It could cause some serious mindfucks later on). ENJOY.

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