GOOD DAY TO YE. I bring you splendiferous gifts all the way from the bonny hills of Scotland. Hudson Mohawke is the king of the electronic world right now. I picked up his debut album today and It hasn't failed to impress. From start to finish, Hudmo creates a soundscape comparable to none. It's not just another electronic album, its beautiful. With help from some highly talented vocalists, Hud has created tracks that bring Basement Jaxx and Hot Chip to mind, yet he still manages to keep the sound unique. The LP is carried mainly by the incredible single 'FUSE' but the other seventeen tracks are just as high a standard.

Prepare yourselves, I bring free music. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Box)

Fruit Touch - Hudson Mohawke

Star Crackout - Hudson Mohawke

Joy Fantastic (feat. Olivier Daysoul) - Hudson Mohawke

Just Decided (feat. Olivier Daysoul) - Hudson Mohawke

Check out more of Hudmos work by clicking HERE.

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