When I was seven years of age, I went to Swanage in Dorset for a short holiday with my parents. I wandered into the seafront arcade. I spent all of my savings on a claw machine trying to get this one Mightyducks plush toy. I tried and I tried but to no avail. When I was down to my last fifty pence piece. An old man wearing aviators and a beautifully curled moustache approached me, pushed me to one side and got the Mightyducks plush toy on his first attempt. He then handed it to me whilst smiling and said 'There you go. Now you have your soft toy....but are you gonna bang doe?'.

I said 'Yes, I bloody well will'.

Ah 'tis late and the morn approacheth. Dost thou wish for some BANGIN' TUNES? OK. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Box)

Critters - Sharkslayer

Manges (Sharkslayer Dubmix) - Digital Manges

Plump Bisquit (Sharkslayer Demon Dub Mix) - Femme En Fourrure

Youth Blood (Sharkslayer Remix) - Jinder

Baby I'm Yours (Color Blaster Remix) - Breakbot

Kiss The Sky - Audio Bullys

Murderer (Diplo & JAYOU Remix) - The Partysquad

Spiders (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Joakim

O.N.E. (XXXchange Remix) - Yeasayer

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