YO. Today I bring you something new. Something fresh. Something straight out of South London. Today I bring you Lemmy Ashton. A 19 Year old DJ and Producer and with residencies at both Catch and The Legion, this guy is steadily making tracks towards the big time.

Influenced by his parents collection of Disco aswell as Prince and the slightly more recent Justice, Lemmy has a fairly eclectic taste when it comes to mixing (as you can hear in his mix below). When it comes to producing, I would personally compare his sound to that of David Guetta or a toned down SebastiAn. I'll leave it up to you to decide though. You have a choice of two original tracks, two remixes and Lemmys mix from January this year. ENJOY.

You can catch Lemmys DJ sets at his DEKHEADS night on the second and last week of every month at Catch. He also plays at The Legion in Shoreditch.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Mediafire)

Goose - Lemmy Ashton

Fools - Lemmy Ashton

Stacey's Left Arm (Lemmy Ashton Remix) - Tubelord

Pussy (Lemmy Ashton Refix) - Nadastrom

Lemmy Ashton January '10 Mix

Check out Lemmys other tracks HERE and HERE.

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