YOYOYO. So the other day I joined the Erol Alkan forums. There seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding a trio from Belgium. Going by the name of Villa, this trio have been producing some really beautiful remixes and edits. Made up of DJS Fredo & Thang and a third member who happens to have a large collection of vintage synths, these guys have a unique sound that also brings 80's electro disco to mind. They've remixed the likes of Ali Love, The Golden Filter and Slice & Soda and did three edits for the Mindless Boogie label.

These guys have been sat atop my most played artists list for the past three days and I doubt they'll be stepping down anytime soon. I'm bringing you three of their most recent remixes and two of the afore mentioned exclusive edits for Mindless Boogie. Also check out the Guggenheim mix below, it makes a brilliant drivetime listener. ENJOY.

Villa "Guggenheim" Mix FEBRUARY 2010 by VILLA Soundcloud

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Box)

10:01 (Villa Remix) - The C90s

Thunderbird (Villa Remix) - The Golden Filter

Warm in The Shadow (Villa Remix) - Music Go Music

Tina (Villa Edit) - Mindless Boogie

Agneta (Villa Edit) - Mindless Boogie

You can listen to some of Villas other tracks and remixes by clicking HERE and HERE.

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