WORD. When I say to you 'what's the best thing to come out of Scotland in the past few years?' what would your reply be? Can't think of anything? I can. There're these two guys called Clouds who make REALLY sick music. It's INCREDIBLY danceable and it's all top quality shit. Fake Blood played one of their most recent tracks at HARD Fest in the US so they MUST be good right? I was sent two tracks the other day, titled 'Eyes' and 'Gargoyle's Bite'. I was hooked after just one listen.

I made my way over to their Soundcloud page and proceeded to download every single track. 'Connected' and 'Suck It' are two tracks that really stood out for me. I'm well into my tech house right now so these tracks hit the spot.

I've included the four tracks mentioned above for you all to sample. ENJOY.

Free Mp3's (Hosted on Box)

Eyes - Clouds

Gargoyle's Bite - Clouds

Connected - Clouds

Suck It - Clouds

Check out some more Clouds HERE and HERE. Spread the word by becoming a fan on Facebook.

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