A-Trak is back. With the second installment of his Dirty South Dance series. The first being a nice blend of Disco beats and Hip-Hop vocals. DSD2 hasn't moved away from that style. There's still tons of well known Acapellas with some not so well known beats. A few are instantly recognisable, the incredible 'Loonies to Blow' is a good example, as is the beat for 'Make the Trap Wile Out'. I feel like I'm babbling now, so just download that shit and listen for yo'selves.


1. Intro
2. Trizzy Turnt Up
3. How Low Can U Bake
4. We Don’t Want No Goblins
5. She Got a Dum Donk
6. Whatever You Shoot
7. Ice Cream On Blast
8. Carte Blanche (feat. Kid Sister: Do! Do! Do!)
9. Twerk That Driver
10. Vampires Going Ham
11. Loonies To Blow
12. Make The Trap Wile Out
13. O Let’s Overdo It
14. Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze Remix)
15. Ain’t I A Joker

Download (Hosted on Mediafire)

Dirty South Dance 2 - A-Trak

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