Just a quick one this week. Got a lot of other things happening right now. I'll update you all with the next Summer of Blood post. Enjoy these beauties for now though.

SORRY GUYS. Blogger are retarded. They want a link in this post removed but won't give us the exact link. Therefore, in order for us to not be prosecuted, we have to remove all links. Again, we are REALLY sorry. are retarded.

Downloads (Hosted on Mediafire) ALL REMOVED BY REQUEST

5. Cooler Than Me (Skeet Skeet's AY! Edit) - Mike Posner

4. Song For Nona (Original Mix) - Act Yo Age

3. Ice Cream (feat. Whiskey Pete & Stellar MC) (Hoaxx Dirty Disco Mix) - Breakdown

2. Ghoster (Original Mix) - Supra 1

1. Bumper Cars (feat. Spoek & Big Space) (Bit Thief Remix) - Disco Trash Music

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