Ryan finally got around to picking his top five tracks of the summer. His tastes span many different genres but every track he's picked still goes hard. With the likes of Breakbot, Ramadanman and Sigma in the rundown, you just KNOW that he's got good taste. Grab all of the tracks below and unleash these gems this weekend for maximum enjoyment.

P.S. The reason Ryan didn't comment on why he picked the tracks is due to the fact that he's even busier than me and just doesn't have the time to put words together to form a sentence.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

5. Stupid (feat. Roses Gabor) - Redlight

4. Say My Name (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson

3. Barbra Streisand (Sigma Mix) - Duck Sauce

2. Baby I'm Yours (Color Blaster Remix) - Breakbot

1. Work Them - Ramadanman

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