Nightshifters. I don't understand how they do what they do. They just keep on gathering the best artists around, then releasing some of the best tracks you've never heard. Now they've gone and brought out a compilation album, full of the hottest beats they've released in the past two years. Every single track deserves a fucking medal. This compilation shits all over everything else out there right now.

The tracks that stand out the most are by Proper Villains. That guy goes HARD. His original track 'Rave Juice' builds up nicely until it finally comes down with a nice whirrrr bass. This is followed by his absolutey stellar remix of 'Reactivate' by Rampage (this is propably my favey track).

Grab both PV tracks below. Once you've had a listen, head on over to Beatport (click it motherfucker) and purchase the entire compilation. It's worth parting with your pennies. Trust me.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Rave Juice (Original Mix) - Proper Villains

Reactivate (Proper Villains Remix) - Rampage

P.S. Check the video for PVs 'Big Top' below. It's a bit good.

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