Sorry about the lateness of this post. I got waylaid with work and other boring shit.

The Count & Sinden do like to keep us waiting don't they. This has probably been the album I've been waiting on the longest (apart from Justice's second studio album). It didn't dissapoint. One or two tracks didn't sound finished but the bulk of this release was absolutely stellar. From the booty bashing opening track 'Do You Really Want It' (which features portliest of rappers Trackademicks) to the squitty wobbler 'Hold Me' (featuring Katy B). The album also has plenty of classics, such as, 'Elephant 1234', 'Hardcore Girls' and the more recent hit, 'After Dark' which features the lads from The Mystery Jets.

Mega Mega Mega is filled with collaborations, a wide range of genres and some rather brilliant production. Putting the weird and downright shoddy final track 'You Make Me Feel So Good' aside, this is one album you DEFINITELY need to get your hands on and by 'get your hands on', I mean, go and buy it. On CD or from Beatport, either one will do.

In the meantime, grab my two favorite tracks below.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Do You Really Want It (feat. Trackademicks) - The Count & Sinden

Elephant 1234 - The Count & Sinden

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