Disgusted. That's all I can say to describe how I feel when listening to the title track of DJ Antentions OTHER latest EP. That's a good thing by the way. 'Rapid Fire' features screaming synths and a hectic bassline, both of which are instrumental to the art of getting down. 'Smash 2.0' is probably my favorite track on this release. A bouncy, smack your head on the wall until it's covered in blood bassline, definitely one that'll blow up huge in the not too distant future. Finally, we come to 'AK-47'. With enough white noise to make contact with the recently deceased (See White Noise, starring Michael Keaton for details) and a slightly dark bassline, this could be the theme for a teen horror movie. Strange description aside, it's still a banger.

Rapid Fire also get's remixes from F.O.O.L and Redial. Both of which put a completely different spin on the track. I personally prefer the Redial mix but I've always loved everything he does anyway. The EP is out on Tuff Em Up Records. It get's released on the first of December but they sent me 'AK-47' to tide you over in the meantime. Grab it below.

All in all, this is another solid, somewhat mental release from the Russian powerhouse that is DJ Antention. Purchase it as soon as you can.

Download (Hosted on Box)

AK-47 (128 kbps) - DJ Antention

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