OK. I'll admit it. I like Afrojack. I always have. I understand that a lot of people dislike his stuff but that's their loss. I was on the fence for a while as I truly believe that he had single handedly destroyed Dutch house.

Then I bought 'Lost & Found'. Nine previously unreleased tracks. All of which, showcase just how talented the man really is (I'm not sure when these tracks were actually made so they could be YEARS old). Plus, there's absolutely no sign of any mad whining 'dutch' synths whatsoever. Instead, these tracks have a Brodinski meets Wolfgang Gartner kind of vibe to them. Which I honestly wasn't expecting. It goes to show how and artist changes over time, being influenced by the other DJ/producers in the industry.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by AJs past works, grab the full release from Beatport NOW. To keep you tided over until you purchase all nine tracks, I've banged in two of my favorites from the release. 'Daft Sound' is an obvious tribute to everyones favorite robots Daft Punk whilst 'Tik Tik Tik Tak Tak Tak' is obviously an attempt at something for the house heads. Also, check out AJs performance from Creamfields this year below.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Daft Sound [192 kbps] - Afrojack

TikTikTik TakTakTak [192 kbps] - Afrojack

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