We have friends. Lots of friends. Most of them live far, far away. Far, far away being Australia. Dirtie Clouds are some of those friends. Our friends make really fucking brilliant fidget electro. Those same friends, have decided to run a remix competition for their latest track. Interested? Yeah, we thought you might be.

'Childs Play' features some of the choppiest vocals, deepest basslines and quirkiest drops to come out of Australia in a long, long time. It's YOUR job to rework the track into something entirely new. Genre isn't a barrier here, create your very own operatic edit if you really want.

The winner of the competition will have their remix released on the next Dirtie Clouds DJs EP, which will be featured on both GETDOWNORDIE and Dirtie Clouds. The EP will be sent out to over 100 international artists and well over 200 blogs. Yeah, we know, that's a LOT of coverage. We just have some very basic guidelines for you to follow. Have a read of them below.

Competition Rules & Other Info

Do NOT put your remix up for download until AFTER the competition has ended. The deadline for the competition is the 31st of January. The winning remix will be announced via both blogs on the 6th of February. These remix stems are not to be used in any other track but a Childs Play remix. If unsuccessful, your remix can be given away as a free download only. All stems are 127 bpm.

Your finished remix must be sent to dirtiecompetitions@gmail.com.

Download the stems and listen to the original track below. Get remixing. Good luck.

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