We have a LOT of good shit happening right now. A lot of EXCITING good shit. We aren't going to let the M-CAT our of the bag just yet though. Keep checking back for some rather brilliant updates.

Getting ready for the weekend? Want something to listen to whilst you smash your head against the mirror until the mirror smashes into tiny little pieces and destroys your eyes? Well, we're here to help. WE GOT SUM O DEM CHOOOOONZ FO Y'ALL TO GET DOWN TO. I highly recommened 'Loading Sequence' by Mums of Death (Mumdance + Drums of Death). It's a real bangalanger. Also check out the Pellusje remix of 'Hoover' by La Musique D'Ordinateur. It'll have you weeping...weeping for the passing of your speakers...because the track destroyed them...

Also, remember kids, you can buy the full releases of each of the tracks found below by heading on over to Beatport. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Blockhead (Hey Today! Remix) - Punks Jump Up

The Hoover (Pelussje Terror Remix) - La Musique D'Ordinateur

Loading Sequence - Mums of Death

I Am Europe (Dirty Doering Remix) - Gonzales

Uh Huh (Airwolf Remix) - Gilsun

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