Once again, sorry for the lack of posts. I've been swamped at work and what with the club night coming up, I've been putting most of my free time into flyer design. Anyone who lives in or around London, come down to The Rhythm Factory on April 28th for a bonafied bang fest. It's a national holiday due to the Royal Wedding so no excuses. Anyway, let's get down to BIZZNIZZ.

For those who don't know, Dada Life are completely taking over club land. Everything they churn out right now is RIDONKULOUS. Aswell as the fucking Dada, Avicii is chucking some really lovely stuff out and about the dancefloor. Check the tracks out below and play them out at any parties you might attend this weekend. They're all 192 kbps but that doesn't take away from the brilliance of each of the tracks. Remember, if you like what you hear here, grab the full 320 kbps releases over at Beatport. Peace.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Black Sea - Dan Sena

Bass Effect (Zodiac Cartel Remix) - A.G.Trio

White Noise / Red Meat (Peace Treaty Remix) - Dada Life

Pull Up - Randomer & Foamo

Street Dancer (Original Mix) - Avicii

Rebecca (Satin Jackets Remix) - Tesla Boy

Whine Ya Waistline (feat. Oh Snap!!) (Dem Slackers Remix) - Danny T

Superfunker (Original Mix) - Fast Foot

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