This year has been an incredible one. We've had a steady flow of really brilliant music all year long. Tonights post will be a rundown of our top ten releases througout the year. Hopefully, you'll agree with our choices. Be warned, some of the best releases of 2010 don't fall under the dance genre umbrella. You might be surprised by our picks. Artists who didn't make it into our top ten but deserve a mention are Brodinski, Skrillex, Tinie Tempah and Wolfgang Gartner, all of which gave us some truly incredible bangers over the past 12 months. So read on and from everyone here at GETDOWNORDIE, Happy New Year.

10. 'Me & Madonna' is nightdrive electro through and through. The EP, released on Kitsuné, has a good lineup of remixes. The best being by the stellar Jolie Cherie. The track is at times haunting whilst still managing to be danceable.


Me & Madonna (Jolie Cherie Remix) - Black Strobe

9. For a while, my friends were telling me that this track was off the fucking chain. I wasn't really all that into Trolley Snatcha at the time. After much a do about nothing, I finally decided to give it a listen. BOY OH BOY, it's a bit good innit? Ahem, although it sounds a lot like most of the dubstep being pumped out at the moment, the vocal samples really make this one.


Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix) - Kano

8. Laidback Luke. What can I say. He's done it again. The EP is brilliant as a whole. The king of the remix this time around is Gianni Marino. With GMs help, this track has become a Housey Techno wonderfuck. Nothing can go wrong if you play this out live.


Timebomb (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) (Gianni Marino Remix) - Laidback Luke

7. Tai is relatively new to me. I've only heard of him through his DJ sets with Steve Aoki. This EP is top notch stuff. Aokis vocals are once again, frightening as fuck. LA Riots do the track justice by remixing it to perfection. Banging in some lovely old school video game samples and a stellar bassline. Definitely worth a pitching out some money for.


Paradise Poltergeist (feat. Steve Aoki) (LA Riots Remix) - Tai

6. This is by far my favorite release from The Aston Shuffle. These boys have mastered their craft. The original track is a brilliant little electro gem in its own right but when remixed by Harvard becomes something else entirely. Wait for the drop to hear what I'm talking about.


I Wanna See You (Harvard Bass Remix) - The Aston Shuffle

5. Not since 'Simple' have I enjoyed a Siriusmo record this much. 'Hotbox' is a super squelchy return to form for this boy from Berlin. With splashes of horns here and there, this track gradually beefs itself out to become a mass of really loud noises. Really fucking brilliant loud noises.


Hotbox - Siriusmo

4. I know I've mentioned Afrojack once already this month but this album is just far too good to not make it into this chart. Another little gem is the slow rolling 'Frontal'. Although you can hear Afrojacks high pitched samples coming through here, they don't ruin the track. They blend really well with the glitchy bassline, making this a banger that's still easy to listen to.


Frontal - Afrojack

3. Incredible. Just...incredible. Black Strobe have completely reworked this track into a beautiful banger. Currently at 449 plays on my iTunes. Nuff said.


Angst One (Black Strobe Remix) - The Toxic Avenger

2. Rob Roy. I find it incredibly hard to describe him to my friends. His musical style is unlike any other. Combining brilliant production with a unique flow when rapping, he delivers something new to the scene. Recently signed to Dim Mak and touring up and down the US, you'll be hearing a LOT more from this guy very soon.


Velvet Rope Blue - Rob Roy

1. Jaymo & Andy George. Radio DJs, performance DJs and brilliant producers. This EP was the crowning gem atop their already stellar list of productions. My favorite version of 'Hold Me Back' is the dub version but the Thomas Gandey remix is equally as good. If you don't enjoy this track...there is something VERY fucking wrong with you.


Hold Me Back (feat. J2K) (Thomas Gandey Remix) - Jaymo & Andy George

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