The man behind one of my favorite tracks of all time (Lost in Music for those who don't know), Jean Nipon is back. Armed with two brand new tracks to put the bounce back into electronic music. The already internet famous 'Cairo' is a definite return to form for Mr Nipon. With a mad out of control bassline and a fatman step feel to it, it's going to be HUGE this summer.

'Stamina' on the other hand, is something else. With climbing and falling synths and a REALLY fucked up drop just past the three minutes mark, it's another track worth your time. Following the two new singles, are the obligatory remixes. Tony Senghore and French Fries get the honors this time around. Both parties do a brilliant job of reworking the tracks. Creating something completely new whilst keeping them recognisable.

I've chucked in Cairo and the French Fries remix below. Both are 192kbps of course. If you want the full quality versions, grab the full EP over at Beatport.

P.S. Make sure you watch the brilliant video for Cairo below the download section.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Cairo - Jean Nipon

Stamina (French Fries Remix) - Jean Nipon

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