I've been a BIG fan of Jesse Rose ever since I randomly picked up his album 'What Do You Do If You Don't?'. The sheer brilliance of tracks such as 'Touch My Horn', 'Night at the Dogs', 'Miss Taker' and 'Asided' had me hooked INSTANTLY. That was all in 2008 though, this is 2011 and Mr Rose has got together with fellow House hierarch, Henrik Schwarz, to form the duo that is now known as Black Rose. Seeing as today is Valentines Day, the duo thought it would be nice to give everyone a gift to show their love and appreciation for their fans. Their first release on Made to Play, the rightly titled 'Anthem'. This is house at it's best. Bouncing basslines and mad Barrington Levy vocals. Grab the single from Beatport NOW or just listen below. Happy Valentines Day everybody.

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