Sound Pellegrino, the label responsible for some of the biggest dance tracks over the last two years. Having releases from the likes of Gucci Vump, Para One and Renaissance Man, they've got a good roster under their belts. With their latest release, from Savage Skulls, they've got another hit on their hands. 'Caravan' is one of the weirdest yet at the same time catchiest tracks I've heard in quite a while. Made up almost entirely of vocals samples, it brings something different to the floor. 'Watching You' is my favey though, featuring Tony Senghore, this one goes HARD. It's got fucked up vocals, high pitched hits and rolling drums, everything we like in a dancefloor filler. Remixes are by Payme and Jacques Greene. Both mixes completely flip the originals and warp them into something entirely new.

I've chucked in the 192 kbps of 'Watching You' below, if you like what you hear, buy the EP from Beatport NOW. I've chucked in the promotional vid for the EP at the bottom of the post too. Teki Latex drops BOMBS.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Watching You (feat. Tony Senghore & Sprinkle Juice) (Original Mix) [192 kbps] - Savage Skulls

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