The last time I listened to anything by Teenage Bad Girl was in 2007 when they released the incredible 'Cocotte'. Since then, they just weren't on my radar. Today I got my hands on their new EP 'Keep Up With You' and it looks like disco is making a comeback. The original track is a brilliant little electro/disco banger with some nice vocals and heavy metal synths thrown in to make it dancefloor worthy. We've got Louis La Roche, Huoratron, Lifelike and Depressed Buttons on the remixes. Our faveys are definitely the super heavy Huoratron mix and the glitchfest that Depressed Buttons concocted. In fact, we've chucked in the 192 of the DB mix to whet your appetites. We're also including the Soundcloud set so you can have a listen to the entire EP before buying. Remembe to grab the EP from Beatport, it's well worth your hard earned dollar.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Keep Up With You (Depressed Buttons Remix) [192 kbps] - Teenage Bad Girl

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