It'd been a while since I'd heard anything new from the American trio that is Rrrump. Until today that is. 'Chubby Decker', the brand spanking new track from the guys, is electro at it's finest. Deep, speaker crackling, fuzzy wuzzy basslines and a ridiculous amount of beeps and bleeps. The track has been released on the fantastic Always Never records and features remixes from Le Castle Vania, Gooseflesh, J. Rabbit, Paparazzi and Street Lurkin. My favorite has to be the brilliant attempt by Paparazzi. The first half of the track builds up to a drop that'll leave you moshing out like an epileptic in a strobe light factory.

Grab the Paparazzi mix below, have a listen, then go and buy the full EP from Beatport. It's well worth your dollar.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Chubby Decker (Paparazzi Remix) - Rrrump

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