Round Table Knights have swiftly risen to the top of my top ten DJs list. 'Calypso' has been on rotation for a while but I recently picked up the 'Say What?!' album and now I think I may hate house music. I hate it because I'm addicted.

The album (released yesterday on Made to Play) is one house masterpiece after another. The brilliant 'Drop the Dow' will please electro, house and techno lovers as it features a bouncy bass line and COWBELL. 'All Night' featuring one of my favorite artists Ghostape is just beautiful. 'Paparussi' is another track well worth your time, I love a bit of horn action so this one's been played a ton already. My absolute favorite track is number eleven, 'Elder Syrup'. At just one minute and twenty five seconds in length, I can see a ton of extended edits popping up over the next few months.

Overall, the album is well constructed. With brilliant production, some interesting interludes and a shitload of quirky vocal samples. If you have to buy an album this week, make sure that it's this one. Say What?! is available to buy from Beatport right NOW. I've chucked in the Soundcloud widget below as well as the official album trailer so that you can sample each track before buying.

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