Dilemn is what is known as a Super Producer. He has somehow managed to fit multiple genres into every single track on his debut album 'Better Worlds'. I'm not complaining, it's a good thing. Multiple genres means that there's something for everyone. Some tracks focus more on the dubstep sound, whilst others are just good old, hard electro. You can however hear elements of disco and old school breaks in places. Genre variation can sometimes fail miserably but Dilemn has done it brilliantly.

Two of my favorite tracks are 'Clapping' and 'Plugged'. Both are incredibly dirty, will damage your speakers and are quite hard to listen to when hungover. Nevertheless, grab them, have a few listens, then head on over to Beatport and buy the whole album.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Clapping [192 kbps] - Dilemn

Plugged [192 kbps] - Dilemn

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