Deathface released his incredible and somewhat dark 'Fall of Man' EP on Trouble & Bass today. Trust me when I write this, it's off the fucking chain. It's dark, it's going to destroy your sound system and it's well worth paying for. Johnny Love and Adri Law (the beautiful Miss Law is the one behind the shrieking vocals on each track) have REALLY outdone themselves this time. I use to be a massive punk/metal head before I discovered dance music and this is a perfect throwback for me. It's so so hectic and my mother hates it. Perfection.

You can expect to hear/see a lot more from Deathface this year. He's definitely another brilliant artist to watch.

Grab the full EP from Beatport, stream it below in the Soundcloud player and download track three ' Gift of Fury' below for zero dolla.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Gift of Fury - Deathface

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