There is just TOO MUCH good music being released right now. It's getting quite hard to scrape the pennies together to buy most of these releases. However, I didn't think twice about this latest purchase. Sound of Stereo are back and they've brought two solid dance floor destroyers with them.

'Hurricane' hits hard. Like, REALLY hard. Packed with a deep rolling bass and drops that'll leave your mother wanting more, this is probably the duos greatest achievement yet. 'Typhoon' hits just as hard but with a tad more speed in its step. Both tracks will have you pounding your feet on that dance floor until your ankles start to go numb and your shoes fill with blood. Everything the boys release is brilliant. Not once have they let up on the production quality.

I've included the 192 of 'Typhoon' below. If you want to listen to both tracks in their full 320 kbps glory, head on over to Beatport and grab them NOW.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Typhoon (Original Mix) - Sound of Stereo  [REMOVED BY REQUEST]

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