It's official. The label I fell in love with all those years ago, has finally kicked the bucket. Institubes is well and truly dead (check the original post for the full story). Mainly due to lack of funds and a constant struggle to make enough money to keep the label afloat, the labels bosses finally decided to call it a day and let the good ship Institubes sail off into the sunset. Wipe away those tears dear readers, there's something good to come out of all this heartbreak.

Surkin, Bobmo and Para One have set up their own label titled MARBLE. They'll be distributing all of their future releases through the label aswell as signing many other brilliant electronic acts. What with Surkins finally finishing his long awaited album and releases from Para One & Teki Latex, Das Glow, Myd and High Powered Boys coming soon. It's obviously a new beginning for the crew.

Check the teaser mix below for some samples of what's to come from MARBLE.

R.I.P. INSTITUBES. You'll be missed.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD MARBLE. We can't wait to see what you can do.

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