OK. Second Tuff Em Up! post of the day. Get ready for more hard electro vibes.

'Venom', Redials title track for this EP. Take three epic movie theme tunes all squashed down into three minutes and thirty three seconds, heavily distorted bass piled on top and then add a little vocal sample that perfects the blend. The final product is this track. Epic electro without a doubt. 'Antidote' is what can only be described as 'FUCKED UPPPP'. It's a summer dance festival crowd pleaser that I can see being played to death over the next six months. 'High Roller' kicks back a bit and doesn't get too hectic whilst still managing to do some serious damage to my sound system. Coupled with a really beautiful breakdown at the end of the track, it makes for easy/hard/easy listening.

Remixers this time around are Controls, Drivepilot and Peking Duk.

Controls = White Noise driven bass and drums having the shit kicked out of them make this track a whole lot of LOUD NOISES. We LOVE loud noises.

Drivepilot = This is one for you metalheads out there. Screaming vocals, heavy electric guitar and ridiculously fast drumming plus brilliant production means that Drivepilot has just created something monstrous. Megadeth, eat your fucking heart out.

Peking Duk = My favorite of the remixes (also available for listening at the bottom of the post). At times atmospheric and quite beautiful, yet also hectic and capable of total dancefloor destruction. Simply put, this is my idea of electro perfection.

The EP is available to buy as of next Monday. Keep checking Beatport like an eager little beaver to get a hold of it first.

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