BD1982's 'VHS Nite' EP was released today on Diskotopia. If you've not heard of either of those names, it's probably because Diskotopia are based in Japan. We don't see/hear much from the Japanese scene, which is a shame because there are some incredibly talented producers to be found in the land of the rising sun.

Diskotopias' previous release from A Taut Line & Hong Kong in the 60's was a Tech-House masterpiece that any lover of good music should have in their collection. The latest from the label is no different. Coming on heavy with the bass yet still in keeping with the beautifully laid back Diskotopia style, this should appeal to Dubstep lovers and House fans alike.

I'm including the 192 of Starkeys remix of the title track. It's really quite amazing. Remember to purchase the full EP from Beatport. Support Japan.

Download (Hosted on Box)

VHS Nite (Starkey Remix) [192 kbps] - BD1982

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