Summer is coming, it's taking it's own sweet time but it IS coming. How do I know that it's coming? This track is how we know. 'Zwiggy', the epic new track from the Breakdown boys, is EXACTLY what I look for in a dance track. Booty bouncing basslines and a bunch of random vocal samples. If I don't hear this at least once during the summer, I'll lose all faith in humanity and just hang myself from the nearest stage mounted disco laser.

Grab the 320 below and get your rave on. You can expect to see more and more of Breakdown as the year goes on. They're definitely ones to watch in 2011 (I know I've said that a lot lately but it's true for so many artists right now).

P.S. Our Aussie pals over at Dirtie Clouds recently managed to nab an interview with the duo, click HERE to check it out.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Zwiggy (Original Mix) - Breakdown

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