If you aren't familiar with the fuckstorm that is Odd Future and it's front man Tyler the Creator...where the FUCK have you been? The small group, who also refer to themselves as Wolf Gang, have torn hip-hops arse to shreds like it was made of wet tissue, wiped their own arses with it then reassembled it into something entirely different. Their sound is chaotic, fresh and will almost definitely piss off anyone in a position of authority.

Tylers most recent music video for his track 'Yonkers' (check it below the post), has spread like wildfire across the interweb. Mainly due to it's shock factor but also because the track itself is just so damn good. After a bit of searching, I found a remix of the track that I think everyone here at GETDOWNORDIE should be able to enjoy. Barbaric Merit's on the remix, check them out. They're making waves. Grab the track below in full 320 kbps quality. GOLF WANG.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Yonkers (Barbaric Merits Remix) - Tyler the Creator

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