As some of you may know, it was Record Store Day last week. A day when people celebrate the beauty of vinyl and where some record stores, sell exclusive limited copies of certain records. This year, Ed Banger decided to release a mini compilation of B-sides. Whilst I love and adore pretty much everything that Ed Banger have done, this was NOT their finest hour. The Bee Sides consist of five tracks and only two out of the five are actually any good. Carte Blanche (the beat wasn't that bad but the 'House that Jack Built' samples are overused), Justice and Sebastian, shame on you for not giving us something worth our hard earned cash.

However, Breakbot and Busy P's contributions were brilliant. Breakbot gave us 'Fantasy', an 80's disco orgasm. Pedro decided to give the world the Hey Today! remix of the incredible 'Procrastinator', which is about as epic as they come. I'm sure you'll find the other tracks floating around the Internet as the days go on but I've decided to give you the 192s of the only decent tracks on the compilation. If you can get your hands on the actual records, do it.

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