'I Won't Let Go', Monarchys latest single (now available as part of an EP), is beautiful, powerful and easy to dance to. When a track's as pleasing to the ears as this one, there are obviously going to be remixes popping up all over the web.

Today, I bring you the Bag Raiders mix as well as the Myd & Sam Tiba mix. Whilst some of you have already heard the brilliant offering from the raiders of bags, the second mix hasn't been shouted about at all. Atmospheric and Quirky, this is definitely the remix for those with an eclectic taste. Warped vocals and a meandering beat. It's weird but I like it. I like it a LOT.

Grab both mixes in 192 below. Once you've done that and had a few listens. Go and buy the 320s from Beatport.

Download (Hosted on Box)

I Won't Let Go (Bag Raiders Remix) [192 kbps] - Monarchy

I Won't Let Go (Myd & Sam Tiba Remix) [192 kbps] - Monarchy

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