We're always looking for exciting new artists to write about here at GETDOWNORDIE. Yesterday, I was contacted by one half of electronic duo FUNERALS about their new EP 'Marae'. I'm glad that they got in touch, as I've had this six track monster of an EP on repeat ALL day. The beautiful title track 'Marae' and the other original track 'Out There', are both chilled whilst still being club material. The duo remixed the title track themselves and they did an amazing job, it's really quite beautiful but still danceable.

Jokers of the Scene also contributed towards the EP in the form of a remix and a dub. If you want to keep a crowd bouncing, play the dub, if you're trying to bring your set to an end, play the remix. Fuck it, play BOTH.

All in all, this EP is definitely worth purchasing. You can grab it from Bandcamp or iTunes. If you want a sample of the release right away, you can grab 'Out There' below. It's the full 320 so no complaining. Also check the video for 'Marae', it's a bit psychedelic, if you're inebriated, I suggest sobering up before watching...

Download (Hosted on Box)

Out There (Original Mix) - Funerals

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