In preparation for our club night this Thursday (28th of April) at The Rhythm Factory, we've got an interview with the man topping the lineup. Matt Walsh. Check the interview after the jump.

Interview by the lovely Erin over at No Sundays.

What have you got planned for your set, Have you got a signature track, a song that defines your set and the dance floor?

Its a long way off to plan my set now but I normally try to play at least one of my productions in a set, I wouldn’t say I have a signature track, maybe a favorite of that particular month. Music comes and goes so fast these days its very rare a track can stay at the front of your box for more than a couple of months...

Are you looking forward to the party? What makes a good night for you?

Sure, I look forward to all my gigs, a good night normally means being able to play the tracks that I like and people reacting well to them. A good warm up DJ normally makes my night to be honest!

We’re waking up to a bank holiday the next day; how are you spending it? Hungover, lapping up the royal wedding or is it back to the grind?

Most likely back in a studio!

Do you have a soundtrack right now? What’s seeing you through to morning?

Right now I’m listening to the new Massimiliano Pagliara LP, forthcoming on "Live at Robert Johnson". As albums go, the Radiohead one has been the highlight of the decade so far for me.

What do you think of the club scene at the moment and why do you want to be part of it?

It's exciting, there are so many different scenes within scenes. I do find people a bit fickle about different types of dance music, I have always been into a wide variety of electronic music and mixing genres within genres has always interested me to some extent.

London is central to the Dance scene; so many clubs, so many sounds. Are you drawn to the capital?

Its the middle of it for sure. People go on about Berlin, which is amazing, but London is the only place where so many types of music can be heard any night of the week.

What made you want to DJ? What attracts you to dance music over anything else? Did you start your label, Clouded Vision, as a response to what was out there?

These are big questions that I could spend a long time answering! I wanted to DJ because I had a massive record collection that I want to share with other people. My label was initially to release some of my music and has developed mainly because of the sheer amount of great unsigned stuff I get sent from people. A lot of DJ’s have done it now, its the best way to have tracks to play that are exclusive to you.

You ran your own night in Colchester, Do you support the start-up promoters like GDOD?

Yes, I ran a weekly night for over 4 years, booking bands and DJing for 6 hours alone some weeks. It’s a very competitive market in London and its all about the venue and its positioning I think. If its walking distance for the key people and there is good sound it should be good. I like new promoters, especially when they are a team and have people involved that aren’t all in it to DJ.

Are you aware of GDOD? What do you think of the blog/night?

I wasn’t aware of it until now, but the idea looks great and has a lot of potential.

You’re playing the launch - how does it feel to be chosen?


You produce and DJ; are you attracted to one side more?

DJing is what excites me the most, I’m still learning as a producer and always will be. I started quite late, but as with a lot of producers, the ideas come initially from the guy with the massive record collection.

You released your EP a couple of months back do you feel by writing your own tracks you’ve changed as a DJ? Is there a particular brand of techno you’re following?

I think I do play a certain type of techno but my own tracks don’t always reflect what I play out in clubs. I’m very conscious of producing too many similar tracks, being stuck in a particular sound happens to a lot of DJ’s and they complain about it. I'd much rather show people that my sound will always evolve.

Why not have a stage name, an alter-ego? Do you feel it affects your sets, your mantra - how you go about working in the industry?

Maybe I do have an alter ego.....I probably should have thought of something from the start, I don’t think it would affect my sets, maybe my ego.

I still like to go out and see other artists play as much as I can, its important in the industry to not be stuck in your own little world.

What’s next for Matt Walsh?

I’m working on a new EP with Zhao, he sent me loads of parts to 2 tracks so I am gonna try and finish them and then knock on some label's doors!

* * *

If you'd like more details about the upcoming night, head over to the Facebook Event Page by clicking HERE. Also, check out some of Matt's previous mixes below, you'll hear why you NEED to be at The Rhythm Factory this Thursday.

Peace, Love and Techno.

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