My Panda Shall Fly. Responsible for what is set to be one of this years most exciting EPs. His sound - an interstellar landscape of disco beats and otherworldly bass. I can't really put into words, just how brilliant this release is...but I'll try.

My favorite track from the EP, 'Xerox', is a melodic minefield. Superbly constructed and really quite epic. The other two original tracks featured are 'Injury' and 'Yoyo'. Both, are just as brilliantly orchestrated as 'Xerox' but somewhat more laid back. Remixes are by Dam Mantle and Pirate Soundsystem, both mixes are sick but quiiiiite a bit heavier than the originals. This is definitely worth purchasing for the coming summer months.

You can pre-order the EP from Juno and it'll be available from the 10th of April. I'm including the 192s of each of the original tracks so you can sample before you buy.

P.S. Check the EP teaser below the downloads and his podcost for the guys over at Bassache.

Downloads (Hosted on Box)

Injury [192 kbps] - My Panda Shall Fly

Xerox [192 kbps] - My Panda Shall Fly

Yoyo [192 kbps] - My Panda Shall Fly

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