Marble just put out their second release. Para One and Teki Latex feature on this one. One word can be used to describe both tracks - WEIRD.

Don't get me wrong, both tracks are brilliant and shouldn't be shunned. However, it'd be really hard to play these babies out to a crowd who've never heard the tracks before. It'd freak them out. '5Th Dimension' and 'Deep Sea Creatures' are both so far ahead of their time that I don't think today's dance floor regulars are ready for them.

'5Th Dimension' really comes into its own from about two minutes onwards whilst 'Deep Sea Creatures' is a five minute hypnotic mind fuck. Nevertheless, grab both from Beatport. They may not be bangers but they're well worth a few listens (WARNING - Do NOT listen to this release whilst on a lot of drugs).

I'm chucking in the 192 of 'Deep Sea Creatures' as a sample. If you dig alternative music, definitely purchase this one guys. Check both tracks out below in the Soundcloud player as well as Tekis latest mix.

Download (Hosted on Box)

Deep Sea Creatures [192 kbps] - Para One & Teki Latex

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